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I hope this is right. [02 Jul 2010|03:46pm]
 Not sure if this was the correct place to post, so sorry if it is not. I'm new to the whole dread thing and have been battling on my own. I just need a little help and my friend referred me to here soooo, thought I'd give it a shot.

I'm from the Traverse City area in Northern Michigan.

If you love on mine I'll love on yours. <3
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Tour of Knots :edit: [02 Jul 2010|03:52pm]
decided i needed to take pictures of all my dreads today, so i made a photo set for your viewing pleasure :] HOWEVER, apparently it requires a login, so i've edited this post & added another 18 pictures to this already large post, so slow connections beware!beach photos aside, all these pictures were taken with my cell camera so they don't do much justice

and some flippy/hoopy beach pictures for funCollapse )ack sorry for being a n00b with lj cuts, i swear i'll figure it out, not that hard
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