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i caved. [03 Jul 2010|01:55am]
i gave secret baby dread a friend today.


i've been remodeling my bathroom and putting my hair up a lot and its been clumping together and knotting at the ends. i found a nice solid tendril and backcombed it tonight. its up and across from my other dread. i put the bead on it so i could easily find it while its still fluffy. i have a feeling it will grow a few loops. my other dread turns 4 months in 4 days. it's tightening up more, and is pretty solid. but hasn't shrunk. i've loooved watching it mature slowly and i've been trying to give him more attention. i put my hair up for trivia the other night but let him hang out. i even changed the beads to match my orange dress i was wearing that night. :D

i had an idea of calling them Thing 1 and Thing 2. thoughts?
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