July 4th, 2010

hi, I'm new to dreads and to GUDU

 I dreaded my hair a month and a half ago. This is my first post about dreads since then, and I went to find a pic like "I know I have a pic of my dreads at the beach, I just have to find it" and was pleasantly surprised that all of my recent pics are pics of my dreads, which is obvious but I didn't think of it. I have about 50 skinny dreads, but they are shrinking up. I want them to stay pretty skinny since I swim a lot (3+ times weekly, in the ocean or school pool) and want them to dry fast. I use aloe vera, saltwater, and Doctor Bronners on my hair. I prefer the scratchy texture it has when I use generic bar soap, but I am afraid of build up. 
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this comm's memories were a big help when I was figuring out how to do maintenance, and this comm on the whole has a lot of gorgeous, long-term dreads. Sorry I was lurking instead of praising, but I just made my LJ a minute ago.

how I make temporary wool dreads

These wool dreads are made from scratch, but my brother did the roving -> yarn step, so I don't have pics of that. They are colored with acrylic paint and removable/reusable because they are on bobby pins. I only made seven (doubled over, so it's like 14 dreads) but they fill out my hair a lot.

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