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Almost a year :D [06 Jul 2010|12:23pm]

Hi everyone! Shortly after joining, I fell into hermit mode due to life hitting my in the face. But now I'm back again~! My locks are coming up on their first birthday and I thought I'd share some pictures from the year.
I'll start with the day I found myself in an artery~!Collapse )
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A Trip to the Beach~ [06 Jul 2010|02:18pm]
Well, hello there, GUDU! This is my first post here. I tend to lurk behind my boyfriend theorhetoriq and while I'm not a dreadhead (yet, as he likes to say) I rock a natural 'fro and I adore looking at all of you guys' pictures.

Anyway, the boyfriend's a lazy bum, and we went to the beach in New Buffalo, Michigan over the 4th weekend and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of him (and his hair) while he did karate moves at the waves. :P He let me post them.


WARNING: Massive picspam beneath, and they're probably out of orderCollapse )

His dreads will be three years old next month-ish, and I'll poke him to give you guys an anniversary post. :D
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[06 Jul 2010|04:02pm]
july 2010 update, 32 months old.

bare back photoCollapse )

& a couple cam picsCollapse )
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Soft spots in dreads! [06 Jul 2010|04:47pm]
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Hi I've had my dreads for approximately 3 weeks now and I've
crochet and back combed them in and they're doing amazingly!
some are really getting hard but one some parts of the same dread and more
i found spot were the dread has like, soft as if thinner than the rest of the dread like as if its straight hair (i know most definitely they aren't straight). I've thought about crochet maintenance on it but it does not true good and
too much is bad anyways. Should i just leave it be and is this normal?
I hope Ive made sense!!!

Blessed Be!!!

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Hello Ladies and Gents [06 Jul 2010|10:16pm]
As always, "I haven't posted in a while!"

I bought a new camera a few days ago and they didn't have it in stock so I had to wait. But, I got it today! So of course, I took some pictures.
My dreads are 2 years in September.
Holy crap... time flies

just a fewCollapse )
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