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;) [07 Jul 2010|12:27am]

i like how my tips are so much lighter in colour than my roots :)
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First post, baby dreads. [07 Jul 2010|04:53pm]

I started my second set of dreads this weekend. Last time I had dreads, they were in a hawk, and I used wax and bands and all sorts of no-nos. They never quite matured or locked properly, and I ended up cutting them off after about 6 months.

That was nearly 5 years ago.Collapse )

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One month update- and festivaaaal!! [07 Jul 2010|10:35pm]
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Last weekend I went to Beatherder Festival in lancashire and it was loads of fun! My head feels genuinely so much better for having chilled out with likeminded people for a weekend after exams. And my friend was fascinated with taking pictures of my hair and took some really excellent ones so I thought I'd put a few on here for you viewing pleasure
Looads of photos after the cut, sorryCollapse )

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just wanted to give an update on my babies before i leave:] [07 Jul 2010|11:10pm]
so i started this journey um some time ago possibly 2 months.every day i find my self loving my babies more and more.
from all the crazy knots and massive loops i have to the insanly curly locks. i couldnt be more happy to have decited to start dreads after 8 years of wanting them (more than half my life)

{check out my wool blanket that covers my head}
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[07 Jul 2010|11:50pm]
ShellCollapse )
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