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[08 Jul 2010|03:14am]
Helloooo, GUDU. Long time no post!


click'er.Collapse )
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grandparents and dreads [08 Jul 2010|11:45am]
I've had my dreads for 2 months now.  I love them.  I was worried at first at how my grandparents would respond to them.  They are in there late 80's and I wasnt sure if it would upset them.  I went out to eat with them the other day and my grandpa said "I really like your new hair it makes you look very pretty" 
Also I've been looking for a tam does anyone know any online places where I can get one for cheap???
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blonde-er [08 Jul 2010|08:15pm]
So many beautiful sets of dreads have been posted recently!  Make me really really miss the crazier early days of my dreads.

I used to have crazy, messy, wild, frizzy dreads like this: :O Collapse )

Today I have still slightly messy, a little frizzy, and rarely wild and crazy dreads like this: O: Collapse )

CATCollapse )
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one month [08 Jul 2010|10:17pm]

babies turn one month and one week this weekend :) just oneCollapse )
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Scalp medications and dreads [08 Jul 2010|11:13pm]
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I checked the memories. I have psoriasis. A moderately severe case. In order to keep my scalp clear I have to use a steroid solution on my head daily. Does anyone have personal experience with long term use of a steroid/alcohol combo on dreads/roots? I am becoming quite fond of the dread I let form to see how my scalp would react.
Thanks so much!

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