July 10th, 2010


Does anyone ive in the phoenix/ east valley area that can help me? i have a mass of about 10 or so dreads  that i cant for the life of me figure out. i havent been able to separate them fully, and now im having some issues. I would hopefully like to see someone this weekend, and although i cannot pay with moneys, i will offer any baked good.. i  was thinking a nice decorated cake for the next time you need or want one. please please please let me know soon.

Boston dreads in San Francisco

Hey GUDU! I'm halfway through my summer here on the West Coast and can't imagine ever leaving. Unfortunately, I go to school in Vermont, so regardless of imagination I'll be back in the North East in a month or so. If any Bay area dreadheads would like to meet up for coffee or a beer before I leave, I'd be delighted to!

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