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Obscure liquor tasting party [10 Jul 2010|12:23am]

My liquor was creme de violette.

Fingers crossed this is the right size, because I was not the DD, if you know what I mean.

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2-3 weeks [10 Jul 2010|01:06pm]
They're 3 weeks old now, but these pictures are from one week ago :D

I was feeling pretty...Collapse )
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PLEA FOR HELP! [10 Jul 2010|01:53pm]
Does anyone ive in the phoenix/ east valley area that can help me? i have a mass of about 10 or so dreads  that i cant for the life of me figure out. i havent been able to separate them fully, and now im having some issues. I would hopefully like to see someone this weekend, and although i cannot pay with moneys, i will offer any baked good.. i  was thinking a nice decorated cake for the next time you need or want one. please please please let me know soon.
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Boston dreads in San Francisco [10 Jul 2010|04:19pm]
Hey GUDU! I'm halfway through my summer here on the West Coast and can't imagine ever leaving. Unfortunately, I go to school in Vermont, so regardless of imagination I'll be back in the North East in a month or so. If any Bay area dreadheads would like to meet up for coffee or a beer before I leave, I'd be delighted to!

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da yum yums album release party [10 Jul 2010|07:31pm]
Hey yall! Heres some pictures of me pre-and-post costume change with my dreads lookin all fiiinnneeeeee.pictures as well as a link to download the album for freeCollapse )
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