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Boarding the Dreadlock Train! [11 Jul 2010|01:28am]
I started my locks on my birthday (june 24th) and have been working on them bit by bit since. This weekend i finished crocheting them (like, the crochet hook kind, not the flipping kind) and i am absolutely in love. I have some work to do in the figuring out a good shampoo ritual department, but they feel (and look) great! 

I started out with lots of backcombing and a little aloe to tame them and stick the loose hairs together, but now they are completely free and clear :D

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[11 Jul 2010|05:43pm]
So my dreads are now 7 months! I really can't believe it!

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[11 Jul 2010|07:18pm]
 my dreads have turned 8 months yay!

i was going to post some piccys, but did a vid update. I did a quick vid when i started this set to kinda explain the twist and rip method to a friend.. anyway, i forgot about it until tonight, and posted an updated one.

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