July 12th, 2010


Another goodbye

Hey guys, I know we all hate to see these posts about a member removing their dreads, but for me it is time to say good bye for now to my locks.

I recently got a job in a business professional office. They are cool with my dreads, because I always take the time to tie them back. However, I have been getting frustrated with my hair.
It's not always cooperative to be tied back. I also do field work, so I'm outside talking to clients (at their homes) for hours upon hours. Let's talk sweat. and funk. And sunburn on your scalp.
Having my babies tied back in a pony tail for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week has made some of my babies.... wild things. They don't lie the same way anymore. They are rebelling. I've had them for over a year, and some were basically coming back into infancy.

Additionally, I have had some SEVERE problems with breakage at the ends. I had to cut some dreads in 1/2 because there was extensive protein damage. I did several ION treatments, and its really still... bad. Very damaged. I processed my hair only twice I think with dreads, but before was a lot. The ends felt like... mushed spaghetti when wet, would literally fall apart if I tried to roll them. When dry, it almost felt like there was a rock or pebble in some of my ends, they were just brittle and not even like hair anymore. So there was that too. In fact, Ive been thinking about this for well... months.

I also miss brushing my hair, and my boyfriend misses running his fingers through my hair.

Currently, I am home sick from work and I could just feel it - like I got ill so I'd have the time to come to terms with my decision. I love dreadlocks, I will most likely have another set again, but not now. I missed brush-able hair, even though I loved the ease of almost maintenance-free locks.
I am planning to keep my favorite nape dread, however. I can't say goodbye to him just yet.
Here are some pics for you to mourn over.
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In the end, I still love my dreads, my experience, and dreads in general. I am keeping one, so I'll have that too. I am also still willing to work on other people's hair too, I just really like dreads. I just know its time for right now, to not have them anymore.

Thanks so much for all the information and I'll still around. My only regret was not rejoining Naughty Knotty. Ah well.

new long-awaited dread babies

Hi Everyone!

I've just recently started using livejournal again after years which goes without saying that i am new to the community and new to a fabulous set of dreadlocks i've been wanting forever. got them done at the AMAZING knotty boy salon in vancouver bc! here they are....

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4 months next week

Since I last posted about a month and a half ago, I hadn't done anything to my dreadies until a few days ago I woke up and was tired of having like half to 3/4 of my dreads being all straight loose hair, so I crocheted some of them a bit to help them along.

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calvin & hobbes


It's been a good week since I finished my dreads [I think three weeks since I started this all]. Technically I didn't 'finish', since I still have about 4 braids around my head, but I'm done. They'll grow out and that's fine with me.

I'm fretting over these babies, even though I've read the memories and know that:

They're not even a month old; stop worrying
Loose hairs are normal and a part of having dreads
Keep hair unbound so it can rub against fellow dreads, especially while sleeping
The best thing is to leave them alone; over-maintaining will do more harm than good

But I still worry. As such I asked my husband to take pictures of the area I'm worried about. Fat gal skin under here, but no bewbs or belly. Just shoulders.

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