July 13th, 2010

Rip and Twist set!

aliceinloliland came to my school today to get her dreads started and they came out great! I used rip and twist, my first time using this method. I made a video of ripping and twisting, once I get it edited and add sound I'll post it here.

I'm in beauty school right now. Anyone in the Pittsburgh, PA area that needs their hair worked on or knows someone that needs their hair done (anything, not just dreads) I'd greatly appreciate it if you came to see me. Contact me for more details!

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Adios, my loves.

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Looking back at these pictures I realized I had really nice dreads after two years, but I never felt that way when I had them. They felt heavy, ugly,and reminded me of who I was two years ago. On top of that, I began working on a farm full time and could not stand my head being ten degrees hotter than everything else. Plus, the idea of showering everyday and waiting for them to dry which usually took half a day, if not more, was less than pleasing.

In the beginning, one of the things that really attracted me to dreads was the low maintenance factor, which is true in the beginning, but after a year, they seemed to be more work than I really wanted to put in. Now, I have short hair and still don't brush or condition (except for the first couple of weeks to get my hair back.) I am working on a no-poo method, though, because shampoo is still gross and I don't like the fact that my hair gets so greasy after a day.

Perhaps one day my hair will return back to dreads, but for now I am enjoying my new look. I do miss them sometimes, but so far, no serious regrets.

I thank you all so much for helping me with this journey. I really could not have done it without you. Well, I could have, but they would have been full of wax and elastics, so thank you. You're all beautiful and I will continue to marvel at your dreads.