July 14th, 2010

wet dreads + undercuts

OK guys, my mop is getting quite long now (yay!), however I swim every other day and have taken up surfing.... the constant wet hair /drying routine is a pain in the bloody arse. I simply have TOO MUCH HAIR. I love my dreads, but with increased water sport action, I am starting to resent them.

So! I had an idea that perhaps lightening the load would be an ace idea, in the way of an undercut.
I LOVE undercuts )on others), but the thought scares me a little on my own bonce, and its not something I can undo once I've snipped!

I was looking really for some undercut-with-dread guidance as to where to start cutting, how short and how high to go, what to avoid etc etc. (couldn't find a section on this in the memories, but apologies if I've missed something!)

Thanks all :)

Here's a wee piccie:


One year, today!

A year has finally come around. I can officially say I've been rockin' my locks for a whole year! I've gone through a couple of those "I want to comb them out!" stages, but knowing that acting on impulses has only gotten me in shit (figuratively speaking), I ignored them. The feeling always goes away, and I realize how amazing my hair is. What a horrible feeling I would've gotten if I would've combed them out! I'm very, very happy with where I am in my life, and how my hair looks. They're tight and solid, and I honestly can't wait for them to grow and get some length! I was never satisfied when I had loose hair. No siree bob. I can finally get up in the morning and just GO, and not waste time trying to figure out how to do my hair. Dreadlocks, thank you for teaching me patience, how to love myself for who I am, for all the random conversations with strangers I've had because of you, and just making my life a little easier in the long run.

And thank you GUDU, for all your advice and support. Everyone's beautiful locks always help motivate me to keep my own. Stay knotty. ♥

Since I'm housesitting, I won't be able to post my year timeline today. But soon.. soon it shall be posted!

Here is a couple pictures, so you can get a taste of what is to come..
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Dreadie Lovin's in the Summertime Sun

Thought I'd drop by for a moment to say, I LOVE THIS PLACE! Thank you all for being here and supporting the dread community, you are all a blessing in my life.

I have been adventuring around New England and spending almost everyday swimming in lakes, rivers, and the ocean, and my dreads seem to absolutely LOVE it! It has been very, very hot here and so not only are my dreads getting washed out regularly but they have also been drying faster than ever before. This is all very exciting to me. I'm at a point with my dreads, for the first time, when I have no qualms with them anymore...even the weak spots. I have so many plans for my dreads, it has all just become this really exciting adventure! =D

I am planning on dying my dread tips again tonight and I'll be posting a before and after next week, but I wanted to leave some Collapse ) for you all before I'm off to a festival for the weekend! Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend! Peace and Love!
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Combining My dreads!

Today is my forth week officially my first month with my new Dreadlocks!
Although very fuzzy and messy (which i find normal) they are still considered beautiful in my opinion.

Regardless of this, I find that some dreads are way too thin and skinny. Knowing this and displeased I've combined some dreads with a small 1mm size crochet needle and they turned out really nice.

Although, I wonder if I did good or bad?

Good side; I did it while still young avoiding the whole mature upon mature dread.

Bad side; Did I hurt the natural knots?

Blessed Be!!!


Thank you all!


ok so i started dreading my hair a week ago by sectioning them, back combing and twisting with bees wax in, for the first few days they looked fine and i loved them! just how i wanted them. nice shape and everything.

but a few days later they were starting to get flat and undo so i put some more wax in (probably too much) and started to palmroll them, they've stayed in fine except the ends curling and having to re roll them but they've started to look horrible, really waxy and greasy and flat beacuse of all the wax, they dont have the nice thickness they had at the start and i dont know what to do?!

someone please give me some info! 
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