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26 month timeline (50 photos) [15 Jul 2010|02:01pm]
So I know I just posted, but I looked at my calendar and realized I completely missed my dreadlocks' 2-year anniversary (May 8 '08). Naturally, my next move was to put together this comprehensive, all-intensive, doctor recommended timeline.
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this is the end [15 Jul 2010|11:11pm]
hey fellow GUDU folk,

this is my farewell post. i haven't been a big member of the community, having only had my dreads for 11 months i only posted pics every few - but i just wanted to thank everybody for all their incredible help & support throughout my dread journey. sadly, i'm very sick and my illness has progressed to the point where my hair has started falling out. so i've cut it all off now, because finding dreadlocks in my bed every morning was just getting a bit too much to handle.

you guys are fantastic, and i'm going to continue to lurk and love all your beautiful pictures and posts. i just wish i could have been an active part for much longer. i loved every day i had my dreadlocks, and hope someday to try them again.

&hearts to you all!
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