July 18th, 2010

Bentonite clay

Hey folks! Hope you all are having a real nice Sunday so far!
So it's mango season here in buttery South Florida, and that means (for me) lots and lots of mango rash on my cheeks and chin! Sexy! So this morning I put a clay mask on that I made- all it is is bentonite clay, a bit of water, and some tea tree oil. Anyway, I had to walk my dogs and since I'm completely shameless, I did it with mah sexy-face still on. It was raining and I didn't realize the clay mask totally coated some of my brushable bangs in the front. Long story short, after it dried (like an hour) I washed it out and it left my brushable hair SO FREAKING SQUEAKY DRY. Has anyone ever used a bentonite clay mask to "de-moisturize" really really slippery brushable hair before backcombing, or to encourage/start off neglect dreads? Mind you, I would never ever ever recomend putting this in knotted hair, even if it's super loosely knotted...it dries rock hard and your hair needs to be brushable to get it all out.

edit: okay, so it's not just text, here's a pic I accidentally took on my laptop last night.


I went through the swimming entries in memories before posting this, and obviously it's a common problem.

I went swimming last night. My dreads are only 2 weeks old, but I was at a really great house party, there was a pool, and I love summer. So I decided fun > perfect hair. But, as kinda expected, I woke up with some janky hair. I got too drunk to rinse out my hair after swimming, and the ends are almost totally un-knotted. :-(

Anyway, I was thinking of just re-backcombing and crocheting the ends. But is that a mistake? Should I just leave them alone?

An Update and some dready art

My dreads are about 9 or 10 months now. One side is doing really well, but the other has so much hair coming out of all the dreads that they don't look too much like dreads. Do you think that if I started washing with baking soda it would help them tighten up and absorb those fly aways? Anyways, on to the pictures.

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Greeting GUDUers! After a combined six hours of back combing (stopping only to get some sleep), going through almost a good two-thirds of the comm's memories, my 24+ dreadies where completed. And now, haggard from both work and the summer heat, I've come to share my dreads and reason for 'em with the rest of this (completely radical) community.
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