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updatiness [20 Jul 2010|09:16am]
I've been enjoying posts from everyone in the comm all summer :) Here's a few shitty cellphone pictures of my own. I still don't own a camera.

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Bright Pink Whales! [20 Jul 2010|11:23am]
[ mood | Wonderful! ]

I dyed my hair the night before leaving for the festival and I am incredibly pleased by how it turned out. I am completely addicted to this color. I think I've lost count of how many times I have used it now. It's called Virgin Rose by Special Effects, in case anyone is interested. I am a HUGE fan of Special Effects products. They are the only funky hair color company I have found that the final result is almost always dead on. Manic Panic angers me. =P Here's some before and after action for your cranial cavities to chew upon...Clickity click! (could be NSFW)Collapse )

The festival was such an amazing blast! I must have spun fire at least 15 times on Saturday night- I went all night long and spun for the last time as the sun was coming up. It was incredible although now I am quite sore. =P I can't wait for the next one! It's so nice to spend four days without being confined to a box in any way. Here are a few photos from the festival... *!*Collapse ) ... I wish I could be outside all the time! Winter makes me sad. >.<
Hope you are all well!
XoXo, Tinamarie =D

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Bead question [20 Jul 2010|10:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I checked the memories regarding beads. When you put beads in do you take them out when you wash/deep clean your hair? If not can this cause mold/mildew/stink issues in the dread under the bead?
jesamin is dreading my hair as we speak. This process has taken uhm, three days because us breeders have all these small people milling about interrupting us for food and diapers and that parenting stuff. Heh.
Pictures of the dreadbabies tomorrow.

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