July 24th, 2010

A gift from Goss :)

Timeline Demonstrating Drunken Debauchery

This is a tagged Facebook photo timeline, from New Year's Eve '10 to last Tuesday. I did my fiance's dreads in early November, so this is mostly to illustrate their progress...

and apparently I'm a lush, because every tagged picture I am in involves copious amounts of boozing and compromising situations.

So, as if you couldn't guess...

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combing out 3.5 yr old dreads

yep, it's time. tomorrow, i'll start the tedious process of combing out FAT 3 and a half year old dreads.

don't worry, i'll be starting a new set as soon as possible. :)

so, i ask you this: are all conditioners essentially the same, or is there a certain kind that trumps them all?

i will keep you updated on my experience! for now, a few shots of my dreads Collapse )

As promised: Bentonite test run

Hey Gudu!
I posted last week about accidentally getting bentonite clay mask in my bangs and the drying/roughening effect it had on them. I posited that this might be useful to someone starting dreads in BRUSHABLE HAIR and BRUSHABLE HAIR only, since the stuff dries rock hard, is difficult to remove, and would likely leave an enormous amount of (theoretically unwanted) residue in knotted hair. Anyway, I have been toying with dreading my fringe for a bit of time, and decided to give it a go last night and run a test of the grey stuff.
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Lookit dis update derr. [3ish weeks]

Brother-in-law found his SD card which has a slot for a micro-SD, so I can transfer pics from my phone to my PC. Sweet. He gave it to me; double sweet.

I finally got photos off my phone that I took over a year ago while Andrew and I were driving from Arkansas to Idaho. Gas station sights and whatnot.

Also, it's been [counts] about 3 weeks since I started them. Difficult to pin down a time, as it took a week to do the majority [along with combing out and redoing several], and I still have 3 or 4 braids that I'm just leaving. But I'mma go with the last week of June/beginning of July [June 30th-July 1st, if we wanna get technical].

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Much love; have a great weekend everyone! :)

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loose hair.

 quick question. my dreads have been growing together at the roots, so of course, i;ve been yanking them apart. some of them though, where hair from one dread is intertwined with another, when i yank them apart i literally rip strands of hair. like, strands that were once 9 inches are now 3...and they stick up and about all over the place. am i separating wrong? or should i just be tugging the dreads apart so two doesn't become one? thanks ;)