July 28th, 2010


3 years, purple tips.

commence babbling about my hair:

I was laid off in June, and my dreads turned 3 at the beginning of July. Since I don't have to conform to a work environment for a while, I decided to do my tips purple.

I've used only henna on my hair and no chemicals other than caldrea dishsoap and all natural soaps for washing for about ten years. Because of this, I decided to do human hair extensions and use the dye on those. Last year, close to the two year mark, I took out the extensions I had in because they felt coarse in comparison to my hair. I guess I will remove these eventually for the same reason one day, but for now I am enjoying the purple.

I am so curious how I would look with all purple dreads, but I am too scared to destroy my hair, this will have to keep me entertained for now.

The best shot I could get at 2 am:

2 months update! :)

Hi everyone, my dreads are two months old on the 24th of July, and I love them to bits! They're getting really loopy and kinky, but all I've been doing maintenance-wise is spritzing them with tea tree oil/salt water and separating when they start growing together. I figure leaving them alone is probably the best for now. They're shrinking a little bit too I think!
I just love how natural and funky they look. :) I've posted a few photos from today.

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Fall of water

My dreads got to see a waterfall (well not just one, several!) for their first time.

That is Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park. I went camping there with my boyfriend and his friend. It was amazingly beautiful, and such a nice get a way from day-to-day life.
I have more pictures to share, but that's for another time. I'm feeling way to lazy right now. (I blame it on the 10+ hour hike!)
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Harold upsidedown in a pool


a few questions. have any of you started with long hair, and dreaded only the underside? like from your ears down? was it manageable with the rest of your brushable hair (did you constantly have to pull loose hair from the dreads just to brush it)?did you like it at all? would this even be an advisable hair style? i'm also wanting to cut my hair shorter on top(above the dreads), put in some layers to help my curls act like curls and not knots, and get rid of years of henna dye/fried/dry hair. would this look weird with a few dreads hanging out from the back? the two dreads i have hang down about six inches or so right now. so thats about as long as the others would hang. would a hair dresser understand that i want the layers to work with the layers of my dreads if i did said hair style? I'M SO FRUSTRATED WITH MY HAIR!!!!

i know some of you may say to just do my whole head. but its pretty conservative out here job wise and i'm still on the look out for a new one. so my whole head is out till i either of several options happen, but i feel like i can get away with the underside for now.

oh the every day frustrations of having dried out cat lady hair....

in other news, i discovered the awesomeness that is a tapestry needle. Thing 1 is much happier now that its loose hair friends have joined him. :P

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so here's a thing: do ya'll have two or more dreads who remind you of eachother for one reason or another? I do! Here I am, holding them like giant chelicerae. Also to my sweet new friend Slingshot- I'm excavating your glasses from my mounds of crap I haven't unpacked yet- will def get them in the mail by Friday! Wee!