July 30th, 2010

MIA South Beach!

Born and raised in Miami Florida I've got to love the sun, sand, and nice beaches.
Since summer is upon us I can't help but go to the beach every Wednesday its fantastic and refreshing!
 As for my dreads i wash them every Monday and go beaching every Wednesday. Yesterday being my 6th week with dreads they feel amazing the frizzy is to a minimal that I've ever seen (no maintenance).
Getting back to the beach, I palm roll them in the water and after several several times.
I wash off the sand but not my dreads. I leave the salt and it works out fine this way.

I do at times get sand in my hair but no big. Unless its alot lot lot!!!

Blessed Be!!!


bang your head!

So I said I wasn't going to post for a few months but I just couldn't help myself. :<

My little dreadies and I attended our first heavy metal concert last Tuesday (Mayhem Fest). I had kept them tucked back with a headband for the pre-game bands of the day and even for the first couple big bands that played. But when Rob Zombie came on, my headband came off and my hair went flying. My friend and the girl standing next to me got pelted with my dreadies as I headbanged, which lead to many 'sorries' and a sore neck.

But I got to thinking: Does anyone else find their dreads smacking into the people around them at concerts? How do you deal with it? Tie them back or let 'em fly out loose?

And has anyone noticed how many metal fans/band members have dreads?
If I wasn't so intimidated by their height and steel-toed boots I would've struck up some convos with some of the metaldreads that where there.

(My roomie Kel, myself [my dreads are hiding], and my bgf Michele)
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