July 31st, 2010

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Hi everyone! Two years ago I had short hair and short dreads you may remember... but I ended up dying them really dark and decided it wasn't time for me to commit to a long dread journey. I brushed them all out after two months, it was very sad.
Anyway, life went on, I started growing my hair out (it takes FOREVER to grow).
My son was just born on Mother's Day and it seemed like such a momentous occasion I decided then that I would go ahead with it finally... Collapse )

1 Year and 3 months

These are muh babii llama rastas =P I dyed a few of them purple, blue and burgundy but the color doesn't show well in pictures..=( 1 year and 3 months they've gotten so long They were a little above shoulder length at 6 months. I cant wait for the 2 year mark XD! I might be getting some hair from a friend of mine to add extensions. He has looong pretty girly hair and im getting 2 ft of it lol    
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Better than tea tree oil for itchy/psoriasis scalp issues!

I have sometimes intense psoriasis with lots of itchy and what I do is fill a squirt bottle with water and then add about 30 drops of NutriBiotic Liquid Concentrate GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT. NOT grapeseed extract.

Then I squirt all over my scalp, and let sit for several minutes-up to about 10 or more even. Then I rinse off.

This takes care of the really painful itching that you cant stop yourself from scratching, and really cuts down on flaking,scabbing issues for me.

I had to go ahead and do that yesterday to my scalp-as it was really bothering me-and it helps so much, and hasn't adversely affected my less than one week old babies.

Hope this is helpful to someone else!

PS-always ALWAYS DILUTE the GSE. otherwise it will feel like burning.
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Showing some personality

Backcombed my set at the end of march, and since then I have re-backcombed loose ends, let my roots get crazy, ripped apart potential congos, officially combined locks that simply weren't going to separate with ripping, purchased some beads, added some charms/beads, had beads given to me, spent a week with hemp wraps in on particular locks to manage root separation/help with loose hair and fallen more in love with my head everyday. I have also purchased a new car, finally found some good job opportunities, strengthened friendships I never expected to have in the first place, learned about myself, finally let myself enjoy the beach again after years of avoiding it, found a fun hobby/skill to immerse myself into (i<3myhoop), come to terms with some things that needed it, and fallen more in love with my boyfriend. Maybe the dreads are the good luck I've always needed :] Anyway, this is mildly picture heavy so you've been warned

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I pulled a loose hair out of my head the other day & was shocked at how long my hair has gotten ! it was shockingly long before dreading at shoulder length (it was chin length or shorter for a good two to two and a half years, joys of hair school) and I guess I didn't think to realize that in dreads my "true" hair length would kind of always be a mystery because it was all knotted up. funny how these things work. hope all is well with you guys, hope everyone is having an enjoyable/tolerable summer. stay knotty :]

Update: first wash after Bentonite Clay experiment

Hey ya'll...okay, I posted recently about the drying/roughening effects of bentonite clay on my brushable hair, and tested it out when I dreaded up my bangs. It worked pretty well, but I remained somewhat unconvinced, as it seemed relatively likely that the temporary drying out of my hairs' natural oils could easily mask a lousy backcombing job, and upon first wash, what appeared to be bumpin' baby knots would reveal themselves to be lazy tangles...I've heard of this happening for folks who backcomb with salt water, and I think I might have read a post or two about that in the mems. Anyway...that wasn't really how it panned out for me, and my bangsy babies are already snarling into loopy madness. My hair dreads easily, and I'm usually a pretty decent backcomber, but I certainly think this method was helpful in roughening the cuticle of my hair (something like bleach does) but without the protein-leaching and continuing damage that is sometimes resultant of bleachy goodness. Anyhow, here's ow they are lookin' post first-wash:

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