August 1st, 2010


7 new dread babies!

i took the plunge tonight and did a sort of dreaded undercut. i added 7 new baby dreads to my existing 2, for a total of 9. it took about 3-4 hours to get them all done. my arms started to get a little tired after a while as i was doing them myself. i'm very proud of myself as i have done a quick "hair style" test and put my hair up in my signature hair clip. from the underside it just looks like a curly tangled ish mess, but it is confined. and then the tips stick out the top but when pushed down stay down for the most part and i expect them to work out better as they mature. 5 of the tips are still loose hair as i was too tired too sew/crochet them in. but i did sew in a charm i'd kept from having one of those hair thread wraps as a kid, its a little lizard with a blue stone. i think it fits me the best out of any of my current dread accessories as my name is Lizzy and i'm called Lizard some times by special friends.

i like how coarse they feel right now especially against my skin, its fun swishing my head back and forth. lol. but i love them and am really happy i went thru with it. :D

i'll update more about them as they change. as well as any issues i may come across with the style of hair i'm going for (dreads eating loose hairs and what not)

i'm off to bed but here's a picture:
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thanks for looking!

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Yesterday I treated my dreads to some new, pretty beads in celebration of general awesomeness in my life.  I recently lost 30 pounds, reunited with old friends who had been roaming the world, and removed some bad people from my life.  Yay!  I'm thinking I might give my dreads a trim at the end of summer , maybe about 4 inches.  I've found that as they get longer they don't quite have that same bounce factor and I kind of miss it.  I've trimmed them a few times, but only a half inch to an inch at a time. 
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So excited!

So I just posted last week talking about my job, and how I got screwed over in many different ways, and how I am angry I destroyed my happy hair for them. WELL, I couldn't take it anymore, and I had my "last straw" yesterday and quit! You know what that means- I'm knotting up again!! I cannot WAIT to feel like myself finally : )

Most of the problems at my job were related to my social anxiety, and having weird relationships with people, blah blah blah. I think that when people don't understand society anxiety, they interpret it as me being cold and distant and angry and bitchy all the time. Which was so frustrating because I tried SO hard to be friendly to these people and put myself out there as much as possible. I even bought a fucking baby present for a coworker, and went to my boss' house for her baby shower. I used to think it was just me being paranoid, but I got proof that it wasn't, and one thing lead to another, and it just spiraled into true agony just waking up and going in to work. I really hope someday I can get ahold on my anxiety, because obviously I don't want it to ruin every great opportunity that I'm ever presented with. And it sucks because I'm not one of those people who believes "everything happens for a reason," so that makes this even harder to deal with. I don't think there was some great reason that my job ended up sucking, or that something awesome will happen because of it. I think that I just have horrible social skills and people sense that and in turn, don't like being around me! Haha.

Oh well, thanks for reading my banter! Great to have a place to spill my soul these days. Half of my head is in tiny little knots- I'm giving my wrists a break and will get at it some more later on. I'm just sitting here, wondering how it can be that I'm the happiest I've been in a long time, and I just quit my so called "dream job." I hope my hair doesn't prevent me from getting a new dream job, but I know there's got to be SOME PLACE that will appreciate my hideous head of short stick-up hair! :) :) :)

My boyfriend's dreadlocks on my head are what keep me inspired through this trial of patience!