August 3rd, 2010


TImeline/Question regarding eternally wet dreads

Hi all.

My dreads are 1 year old now and I recently got a job at the local aquarium where I SCUBA dive 4+ times a day to feed the fishes and turtles. Now this brings up the interesting problem of my hair literally always being wet. Plus, I am always swimming through densely packed fish food (krill, zooplankton, chopped up fish, etc...). So, I wouldn't really be surprised if my hair gets moldy or just otherwise gets really disgusting.

Is it practical/do you think it would help if every week I soaked my hair in a water, baking soda, and vinegar solution? Or if I wash my hair with something like Dr. Bronners every day?

And now because who doesn't like some pictures I present my dreads over the past yearish.

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2 year timeline

My dreads will be two years old tomorrow (Wednesday) ^_^
Here's my two year timeline :)  Too lazy to upload new pictures so if you've been on gudu for two years you may have seen a lot of these pics before :)  This is roughly in order, I don't know the exact dates on many of them though!
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Anyways, I think that's all I have for now.  Thanks for a great 2 years :)  GuDu is the sole reason my dreads are healthy after 2 years and wax free.
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MATH! & pics.

just got to talking with erikaerin, & thought i'd bring this up in its own post:

how much do your dreads grow?

answer thusly:
  • measure your new growth (as best as you can judge it - don't count backcombed hair) = x
  • determine the number of months/years you've been growing out your dreads = y
  • x / y = z = how much your dreads grow!

    live example:
  • my new growth is 15" long
  • my dreads have been growing for 2.75 years
  • 15" / 2.75 years = approximately 5.5" per year!

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