August 4th, 2010

  • cazz

A dready charity.....

The beautiful and talented Gems of dreads 'n' hoops is, as we speak,
in the process of saying bye bye to her 7 year old dreads......
Check out them beauties :p

As a member of Performers Without Borders Gems is doing this as part of the fundraising effort for the 2011 PWB India tour and
is hoping that her dready journey can come to an end by doing some good for children all over India,
so why not help her out?!  

If you want to donate, tell her how awesome she is or just keep track of her efforts then head to her fundraising page -

LOTS of pics and the process under here!

Collapse ) Please do give whatever you can to PWB,
it is a truly amazing charity that helps underprivileged
and disadvantaged children explore their potential through workshops, creativity, teamwork and of course, FUN!

For more information on the charity or anything else you'd like to know just visit their website and enjoy :)
PS - PWB are now taking applications for the PWB India '11 tour! Application details available on the website :)