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naked as i am [08 Aug 2010|03:26am]
naked as i come
if we cant find ourselves naked whos skin are we wearing?Collapse )
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another rainy day. [08 Aug 2010|03:51pm]
I have been stuck inside all day today as the sky pours buckets :( But in the meantime I found this fun picture of me without dreads! I think it's from January sometime so about 2 months before I started them.

andd I took some pictures of all the silly loops goin on in my dreadies at the moment :DCollapse )
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just one [08 Aug 2010|04:47pm]

this was surprisingly easy to put together.
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1 month 2 weeks [08 Aug 2010|06:02pm]
So my dreads are a month and a half old. I swear I love them more than I did any of the other times I did dreads. I can so see myself sticking with them this time.

I don't really do much with them. I wash them 1-2 times a week with baking soda. In the shower I separate them (after I rinsed out the BS). Other than that I really don't do anything on a daily basis.

Most of the time I wear them up. I usually take a bandanna and gently tie them up with that. Sometimes I might use a headband too. *shrugs* At home I try to keep them down so they can move enough. I'm beginning to really like them down and might just put them up when around my family.

Today I decided to do a bit of maintenance. I hadn't slept all night and at about 7 am I was bored so I began working on them. I continued doing this on and off throughout the day (kids and life get in the way sometimes).

Basically I separated them (had washed them yesterday but didn't separate). Then I root rubbed and palm rolled them. I also used a crochet hook but only on the ones that were really bad (read big bad loops of doom). Most of the ones along the nape of my neck and in the back were really loopie. The ones in the front, on the top, and on the side were ok with just a little palmrolling though.

Anyways, here are some pics. The first is just of me. lol Unfortunately you can't see the dreads well in it. I need to get some outdoor photos so I can show them better. :)

The second one is of one of the dreads on top that I didn't have to really palmroll all that much. It's my fav because it's coming out the best I think. I'm proud of my dread baby. lol

The third is one of the ones I haven't worked on yet. It's at the back of my head and on the nape of my neck. It's really hard to get to which is why it's so neglected. It's all full of loops and a lot of loose hair.

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I love my dreadies!
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it's been too long, [08 Aug 2010|11:45pm]
Hello, my dreads are just about 32 months now! I really need to have a decent-sized update someday soon.

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