August 9th, 2010


Dissolving Flakes?

I have read all the memories, but have not found anything referencing my specific issue:

I have psoriasis, and deal with flakes and itching-I have found some different things to do in order to help keep the flakes and itching to a minimum, but my problem is that there are flakes embedded in my young dreads-and I have black hair-so they are highly visible. I cannot pick the flakes out with my fingers or my tweezers without pulling out hair from the young dreads. I already have eleventy million loose hairs, so I am trying to figure out if anything will help 'dissolve' the flakes for lack of a better idea. When I had normal loose hair, the flakes were easy to pick out or brush out of my hair, now it is a huge problem.

I had the impression from my research that wearing a scarf nonstop might hinder my dreads being so I am trying to stay away from that as much as possible for now.

Any help?

Squish squash car wash!

My girlfriend has really grown to love my dreads. That is, of course, except for when they're freshly washed and soaking wet. She says it's like a really claustrophobic carwash.

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Anyone else ever gotten this reaction? I think that after a few years, I've forgotten just how gross feeling wet wool on my head is ... or something.
wet highway

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I am contemplating dreading my hair, but i don't want to do my entire head.
just a few hidden here and there because of the new job i got. need that tiny bit of catharsis since my blue/green/aqua hair was too unprofessional.
to give an idea of my hair:
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questions! [edited with clarifications]
does my hair look like it could work with real dreads (im worried about if its too damaged and trying to dread it would be a disaster)
how hard is it to separate the dreads out of your hair when you need to wash/brush the rest of it or a possibility of the baby dreads grabbing onto the loose hair around it?(creating on giant dread mess monster thing
)I read about separating from the roots but would this be a daily thing? is there something to not encourage the collection
is it a huge concern if my normal shampoo gets into the dreads (i was told no residue shampoos are the best for dreads) Looking in the memories it explains how to wash the scalp when you have a full head but I want these on the bottom layers towards the back of my head, making it hard to section out from the rest of my hair.

sorry if this has been asked before, ive been following the posts in here for about a month and im pretty solid on the fact that i want to do it, but would like some input from experts first.