August 10th, 2010

Summer is almost over..

My school starts on the 16th, so that means I have less than a week before my summer is over due to school. Summer 2010 has definitely been one of the greatest summers for me. I'm finally going out and going to new places (having a car helps) and all that.. and it makes me so happy to know that my dreads are there with me along the way, enjoying all the summer fun with me.

Here are some random pictures from summer that I'd like to share.. oh, and a couple from my first deep clean! :3

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I just realized, I love to make faces.
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Hi there you hairy beauties!

I've been creeping around here for a little while and decided I should post a little something to introduce myself! My name is Cass and I live in Canada, I play guitar and piano. I spend most of my days crafting and creating wondrous items to sell at my shop, I like running around in the forests and playing with my hound dog Chester! Aaaaaaand I have dreadlocks! I have spent a lot of time looking through the memories here and WOW! Soooo SO much awesome information. This is a great community! Collapse )

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ugh. MOD POST.

i'm getting pretty tired of all the "okay i read the memories but *obvious memories question*" posts. i remind people daily to follow the very simple rules, & have responded hundreds of times about pics before the cut being too wide. i'm tempted to just make the whole group moderated posting only. not moderated membership or posting access, just an approval of all posts made to the community. at over 5000 members, it might be that time.

please tell me your thoughts on this.

edit: compromise reached! see next post.

Pre-dread question

Ok, I've read through the memories and looked at all kinds of pictures. I'm planning on dreading my hair in about 1 week, but I want to make sure I get the results I want. I'm pretty sure I want to section before I backcomb because I want my dreads to be small and the same size for the most part, but my main concern is grid sectioning vs. "honeycomb" sectioning. I don't want gaps or spaces seen between my dreads after all is said and done. If you guys wouldn't mind providing some feedback and possibly some pictures and info on how you sectioned and if you did or didn't, I would definitely appreciate it :)
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MOD POST redux

with regards to my last mod post, i've found a compromise i think you'll all be happy with.

posting access is now moderated.

what this means for current members: you can all post as much as you like. continue to follow the rules or i may well make you incapable of posting in the future.

what this means for new members: you can join, read, & comment all you want, but you will need to read the community rules & email for access before you're allowed to post. the community info has been updated accordingly.

any further suggestions, comment away.