August 11th, 2010


8 Weeks of dreadlocks!!!

This has been 8 interesting moments.

but now (its kinda funny) they're getting fuzzy little hairs around the dreads
and seem to be shrinking in thickness.

I find this so much fun!

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sooo my last post was a few months ago and I was worried I would have to cut off my dreads for my job...I didn't! yay! So now I'm living in Yosemite in a tent scaring bears and telling people to shut up for a living and its awesome. i've recently decided to stay here for the winter since I've never experienced a real winter, that should be interesting. Anyways, here's some pictures:
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Two weeks old

*Edited. Sorry.

At two weeks old I am noticing it shrinking up a lot more than I expected this early in the game, and my hair is kinking and s-curving all over the place! You can see I backcombed my fringe and bangs, I couldn't stand having it loose.
I am not doing very much palm rolling, I do not seem to be very good at it, and it doesn't do anything that over comes the curling my hair seems to want to do. I am washing gently, and rinsing with GSE or Tea Tree or ACV...which is helpful.

It's so nice to see a brush and not need it!

This is really an important journey for me...I am using this as a means of learning patience and letting go of some of my OCD/control issues. I can tell it is already doing some good for me.

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