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Patience & Insomnia [12 Aug 2010|09:28am]
I'm at about 5 1/2 weeks now. At first the frizz and loose hairs really bothered me, but I'm actually starting to think they add something to the whole. It's still an effort not to fuss with them, though. Just root-rubbing and gentle washing for now, though.
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The Glib: Medieval Gaelic Dreadlocks [12 Aug 2010|04:27pm]
Its amazing what you can get up to when you have no work to do and are sat in front of a computer. I was doing a spot of light reading and came accross multiple references to what could be described as medieval Gaelic dreads.

The Glib is a hairstyle worn my medieval Irish warriors in the 16th Century which the OED and chamber dictionary describes as "A thick mass of matted hair on the forehead and over the eyes". 
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No more dreadies Jan 7, 2008, mid July, 2010 (2yrs, 6 months) [12 Aug 2010|05:51pm]
Word up GUDU -

Well... I cut them out.

A little trip down memory lane...

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[12 Aug 2010|07:09pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Hello. It's an image sharing update time. 8D
This is my head; for your hungry viewing eyeballs:


I seem to have no nose. My apologies.
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