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two for you [13 Aug 2010|02:12pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

its been a while since i updated... my dreads turned 9 years old back in may. i've been busy, expecting a baby boy at the end of september.

campingCollapse )

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But wait, there's more... [13 Aug 2010|04:01pm]

"Wait Ron Popeil, did you say there was more?!" No. And who are you calling Ron?! >:I

As requested, I attempted to take a few captures of myself and my dreaded head. Now.. On a serious note. I'm not too creative with self portraits these days. I would ask a friend to take them but having just moved to the Omaha, NE area.. I have absolutely no friends aside from the Hubby. "Well, what the heck?! Where's the Hubby, make him do it!"--? He's at work. I'm at home left with nothing else to do!

I digress.. To the few(3) photos.Collapse )
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