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Happy Friday the 13th! [14 Aug 2010|12:48am]
So I don't know about where you live(I know other places do it too) but Every Friday the 13th this tattoo shop in my town shows the Friday the 13th movies all day while offering $13 13 tattoos. Pretty much every person who gets work done there on a regular basis goes to get a 13 tattoo when the date roles around, sooooo I got one.(kinda NSFW, no shirt on but everything's covered)Collapse )
And of course it also shows what my hair is doing these days :)
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Dready art! [14 Aug 2010|01:45pm]

Some dready art of mine.Collapse )
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[14 Aug 2010|06:01pm]
does anyone know of any salons or people who do dreadlocks in madison wisconson?
any help is appreciated

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