August 15th, 2010

  • anabrie


Just saw this video after clicking sbegonias91's video link.

I thought his dreads were gorgeous [dunno if he follows this comm; if so hi, if not, he should!]. He even adds that wax isn't a good idea and why it isn't [personal experience]. He does maintain them [apparently] regularly with a crochet hook, but yeah... they're such a lovely color. And he's so much fun to listen to!

Merry weekend, all.
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atrophie came to visit us again! we went to this event on friday, & they had a free photobooth. of course we took the pic backwards, but it ended up being a "smarter" photo than everyone else's, since it appears we're actually looking AT the space needle.

so that's me, atrophie, & gorthok being adorable together. & yes, it seems my dreads are now as long as joe's, physically. :)
  • akimova

2 years, 8 months

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's survey on diet & growth!  The resuts basically seem to show that (unsurprisingly) the more conscious effort you put into a healthy diet, the faster your hair will grow.  Higher protein intake (whether plant or animal) also seems to help out in speedy growth.  So whatever diet you follow, make sure that you're getting your daily fruit, veggies and protein! 

Yesterday I finally built up the nerve to chop off some length after having thought about it for a few months.  It was pretty neat to feel how much of a difference that added weight makes for the amount of pressure on my scalp and for the bounce factor of my dreads.  As soon as I made the cut they seemed to spring back to life.  I'm definitely looking forward to re-gaining that length though, it just feels strange to be lacking that length.  But hey, at my speed I'll probably have it all back in about 7 or 8 months!  From what I can tell I've officially cut out all of the hair that I originally back-combed. 
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how is everyone's summer? since i just love looking at everyone's pictures (and not commenting much, sorry, though you're all awesome i'm not very talkative) hmm i just thought i'd share some pictures of my summer so far... and it's NOT over :)

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