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Allo GUDU! =] [16 Aug 2010|01:39am]

Long time no post!  I've had a hectic Summer.  Made the big move to Toronto (I'm from Northern Ontario), went through some housing difficulties so ended up couch surfing for a while, but it was a good time.  Now I'm living right downtown in a cockroach and mouse-infested rooming house full of old foreign homophobic men.  It's not the greatest place, but I think of it as a base-of-operations rather than a home.  I'm already searching for something new.  Starting College in the Fall for Make-up Artistry and Fashion design, which I'm really excited about.  Been out of high school dilly-dalying for a few years, I'm happy to be on my way to a carreer (YAY NO MOAR WORKING RETAIL)
I've gotten nothing but compliments on my dreads since I moved here.  There is a homeless guy I see every day on my way home from work, and every time he sees me he tells me he absolutely loves my hair.  I met up with my Grandma who lives outside Toronto, she saw the dreads for the first time and she said 'oh.. how did you put those in your hair.. with a fork?' hahahaha. She is so cute.
I'm going to have to do a proper timeline soon.  My dreadies turn 6 months at the beginning of September.  I have many pictures to post but none of them are on this computer, so I will just post a few for now!

TL;DR: I just moved to Toronto, here are some fun pictures. ^^Collapse )
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Oh man. I missed you gudu. [16 Aug 2010|11:29am]
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Its been too long gudu.

I snipped my year old babies off about 8 months ago. Ive gone mad trying to tame the resultant growth of hair >.>

In between all the hair woe ive moved, I got married ( O_O... ) got a new gig at my current company. All the while missing my dreads. I kept my old set; in a bag. I cant bear to throw them away!

So. Yesterday, with a little help from my sister, my hairs were backbombed into a nimbus of joy.

Photobucket seems to be having a case of the fits; so. have a link.


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5 months! [16 Aug 2010|11:31pm]
i just realized this late at night that today my dreads are 5 months old!

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