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Dreads + India! [18 Aug 2010|01:45am]

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The mob is not usually in the habit of electing ungodly apostates who denigrate people of faith. [18 Aug 2010|10:31am]

Happy Summer!

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UPDATE [18 Aug 2010|02:36pm]
sooo it's been a little while since i combed my dreads out. here's my experience:
(reminder: i had 26 3.5 year old dreads that were just past shoulder length. my hair texture is thick and wavy)


i tried: wet hair with condtioner, wet with no conditioner, and dry with no condtioner. i personally preferred using no conditioner. maybe it was the stuff i used but it made my hair feel... sticky. so i ditched that idea after the first dread. then i got tired of going back and forth to wet a single dread to comb out, and found that they comb out just as easily when dry.


i bought an 8pk of plastic combs, as the grocery store didn't have the metal flea ones. the two i used were the ones with the pick handle - they worked beautifully. starting at the bottom, i carefully pulled the hair out. easy peasy. the only part that REALLY sucked was the scalp. oh so painful. not joking, either. i just left the roots, and when i got all the dreads out, i took a bath and picked apart the roots UNDER WATER. way better. when you're all done, your neck, scalp and arms will be pretty sore :P

i has successfully combed all (but one) of my dreadlocks after 4 days. the smaller ones took a few minutes, the finger sized ones took up to half an hour, and my giant fatties took up to an hour. i could have easily done it in two days; maybe even one if i was really determined.

...and that's about it ;). i was going to start a new set of dreads, but my mom is coming up to visit at the end of this month, and i know she'd be very bummed if she didn't get to see my hair before i got dreads again. i definitely miss having dreads, but i have no regrets whatsoever
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Very late 9 month post [18 Aug 2010|07:11pm]
My dreads turned 9 months old on the 5th, clearly I'm lagging! Here's a photodumbdump to make up for it :DCollapse )
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