August 20th, 2010


2 months!

My dreads are now 2 months old. :) Or thereabouts. They'll be 8 weeks old tomorrow, but the actual 2 month anniversary is on the 25th. *shrugs* Oh well, it's close enough for me. lol

I haven't done anything more than separate them for the past 2 weeks. So they're getting kind of loopy. I'm letting them do their own thing, especially after some awesome advice given to me on GUDU last time I did some maintenance.

Here are some pictures!

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I'm having fun with them. I had been keeping them up a lot (loose hair ties or scrunchies...just enough to keep it off my face and neck) but I realized that the loops are all about where the dread met the scrunchie. So I'm keeping it down as much as I can. Odd thing is the part before where my hair was tied up (closer to my head) has dreaded better than the ones where my hair is hanging out (closer to the ends). *shrugs*
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dancing dreadlocks

hello guys ;)
this summer was so amazing! I travelled to dance camp in the south of Russia and had great time there. I keep on finding things I love about dreads everywhere and everytime. 4 years with locks and they still amaze me from 1000 points of view. for example, camp-experiense showed, that dreads make you noticeable. in the place, where hundreds of new people are getting to know each other, it is way easier to be remembered and to stand out with locks. this ability helped me greatly through all days in the camp! it is super if a man stands out because of his or her talent and character, but a tiny help from appearance can be very useful too.
some pics :

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