August 23rd, 2010

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Hey all!

I've been feeling off about my dreads. This is mainly because I have no fellow IRL dreadheads around to look to when it comes to progress. I look at this community daily for inspiration and to perk up my dreads a bit ~_^ Want them to be all they can be! Some of the recent timeline posts have eased my worry some [yes, even though I'm not supposed to be worrying. this is new to me, and worry is my natural mental state] and given me hope.

Due to this anxiety, I think I'm gonna comb out the bottom section of my hair. I had a stacked haircut before, and so the curls at/near the nape of my neck are the shortest. As such, they're just rubbing all together and creating one big mound of knots, not in the sections I divided them into. For some peeps I'm sure that'd be fine, and it might not be as much hair as it feels like [probably not], but regardless, I want them to grow out some more and be in better sections. I'm going to ask my ma-in-law to braid those sections, and then when they get longer I'll dread 'em again.

I attempt palmrolling and root ripping about once a week. I can't get to the back very well so while I can separate them okay, I only palmroll a few in the front. I know two months is early for maintenance, but I want to try a bit on my roots, just to pull in some of these loose hairs. The last times I've palmrolled, though, the hair seemed more keen on staying. It didn't, but I can tell it wants to :)

So this isn't simply me blabbing, here are a couple photos from August 8th. When I hit two months [the end of this week :)] I'll post a decent pic spam.

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Hope you guys have a fantastic week! I'm applying for a job Monday; hope it goes well.
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Help needed with my dreads in Portland, Oregon!

Ola Dread Heads!

I've just landed in Portland, OR and really want to get my dreads tidied up before heading out to Burning Man on the weekend. I was thinking of a barter with anyone who can help me out. I have a lotta hair/dreads, around the 70 mark, so it'll take quite a few hours.

In return for helping me with my many locks I'm offering a few reiki sessions, as well meals and home baked cookies (special or regular) whilst you're here.

Here's a photo to give you an idea of who and what you'd be working with...

Fun at Burning Man

I would be forever grateful for your services! Leave a message if you think you can help.
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