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[23 Aug 2010|02:13am]
[ mood | meh ]

Hey all!

I've been feeling off about my dreads. This is mainly because I have no fellow IRL dreadheads around to look to when it comes to progress. I look at this community daily for inspiration and to perk up my dreads a bit ~_^ Want them to be all they can be! Some of the recent timeline posts have eased my worry some [yes, even though I'm not supposed to be worrying. this is new to me, and worry is my natural mental state] and given me hope.

Due to this anxiety, I think I'm gonna comb out the bottom section of my hair. I had a stacked haircut before, and so the curls at/near the nape of my neck are the shortest. As such, they're just rubbing all together and creating one big mound of knots, not in the sections I divided them into. For some peeps I'm sure that'd be fine, and it might not be as much hair as it feels like [probably not], but regardless, I want them to grow out some more and be in better sections. I'm going to ask my ma-in-law to braid those sections, and then when they get longer I'll dread 'em again.

I attempt palmrolling and root ripping about once a week. I can't get to the back very well so while I can separate them okay, I only palmroll a few in the front. I know two months is early for maintenance, but I want to try a bit on my roots, just to pull in some of these loose hairs. The last times I've palmrolled, though, the hair seemed more keen on staying. It didn't, but I can tell it wants to :)

So this isn't simply me blabbing, here are a couple photos from August 8th. When I hit two months [the end of this week :)] I'll post a decent pic spam.

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Hope you guys have a fantastic week! I'm applying for a job Monday; hope it goes well.
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[23 Aug 2010|02:32am]
[ mood | sick ]

Hi GUDU, long time no post!Read more...Collapse )

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Help needed with my dreads in Portland, Oregon! [23 Aug 2010|02:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Ola Dread Heads!

I've just landed in Portland, OR and really want to get my dreads tidied up before heading out to Burning Man on the weekend. I was thinking of a barter with anyone who can help me out. I have a lotta hair/dreads, around the 70 mark, so it'll take quite a few hours.

In return for helping me with my many locks I'm offering a few reiki sessions, as well meals and home baked cookies (special or regular) whilst you're here.

Here's a photo to give you an idea of who and what you'd be working with...

Fun at Burning Man

I would be forever grateful for your services! Leave a message if you think you can help.
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