August 25th, 2010


It kinda is like a cow licked my head...

I have searched the memories, and other venues and I haven't found anything addressing this issue:

I have a very prominent cowlick on the front of my hairline right at my forehead. It is a very strong cowlick and regular styling when I had brushable hair was very difficult-hair dryers, flat irons and all that were usually no match for my crazy cowlick. When I initially back combed my hair I left the fringe out, but simply could not stand having loose hair, so I went ahead and back combed it all. The last 3-4 weeks have been really interesting because the dread that the cowlick fed into was acting very wonky-even more so I think than a regular baby dread would. The dread would flip over towards my forehead and almost 'bend' over itself...and if it didn't come forward it would stick out to the side or sometimes even stick up almost straight, even though it was very long (about 9 inches). So the other night I combed out the two 'bang' dreads. Now I am trying to figure out what to do with the bangs, which really hinges on the cowlick. I know how it will behave if I leave it loose and brushable...if I cut it shorter into bangs, it will need blow drying every day in order to have the bangs lay flat-or it will be wild and unruly bangs. If I leave it long and brushable it will piss me off and get tucked behind my ears 24/7. What I don't really know is what it will do if I re-back comb it. I feel like it was poorly back combed the first time, so I will be doing a more thorough job this go round, using what I have learned so far.

Does anyone have experience with a strong cowlick at the bang line and back combing a dread there?
Is there anything different I should be doing when I back comb that spot in order to have it at least lay flat-ish?

Does anyone have a strong cowlick and what did your hair do? Did it dread up similar to the rest of your hair, or is it a 'trouble' spot?
Could you post a picture of your 'cowlick dread' in the comments if you have one?

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Just curious...

Out of a vague haze of contemplation comes the inquiry: At what point did you notice your dreads stop shrinking and start lengthening?

As an added point of interest and just for fact gathering purposes, what sort of hair do you have? Do you think it contributed to your shrinkage being extreme or not so extreme or non-existent? (I'm looking at you, Lish.)

My dreads (backcombed) are 10 months give or take and judging by my starting length, I've only had 2-3 inches of actual shrinkage but no obvious new length as of yet. My hair is soft, medium thick and vaguely wavy. It's always been kind of undecided as to what it wants to do so I definitely think that factors into my medium level of shrinkage.

On a more personal note, I just moved to Hawaii!! :D Honolulu, to be exact. I've made bus friends with a black dreadhead girl on my bus route. She has such beautiful, thin dreads... She said they're 15 years old, too. :D Honestly (she let me touch them) they didn't feel 15 years tight, but I don't know much about afro texture hair so what do I know, huh? Still beautiful though.

I'm not really good at making friends, but if anyone living in Honolulu wants to get together and hang at the beach or something, drop me a line and I'll try not to be too shy!