September 1st, 2010

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I get the feelings this is an odd question but I think my dreads might depend on it.

I met up with one of my old bros yesterday, kicked it back and caught up about our summers. Besides fully examining, palmrolling, and sniffing he did to my dreads he also pulled on them. Not maliciously, of course, and not that I was complaining. He switched between quick yanks with single dreads to pulling a handful. Eventually his fingers got to my roots, all tangled in them and crap. Didn't think anything of it until I woke up this morning and found out *GASP* loose hairs and tangle roots. EVERYWHERE (on the back of my head)

Here's the question: For all you other dreadheads that actually like and/or liked having your hair pulled, does it do anything truly damaging? I could easily untangle the roots and will wait a few more months for loose hairs. But are there long term problems that could be caused?

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Anyone started their dreads with really long hair? I'm planning on starting a 2nd set (first was years ago, neglect method)

I'm up on care and all that, long time lurker, memory searcher, just looking for longhair people, and haven't found much poking around, feel free to link me though!

In which I ramble, skip unless you're bored.
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