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baking soda and hair dye [02 Sep 2010|04:41pm]
So, I dyed my hair the other day from light brown to reeeally dark brown with a semi perm box dye. It didn't occur to me that the baking soda I've been using to wash my hair might affect it. I read in the mems that deep cleaning will remove dye, I also found a post in the dye memories about someone suggesting baking soda to purposely fade their dye job. I know its semi perm, but I don't want it to fade too quickly! What's the verdict? Will baking soda alone undo what I done? Dish soap? I need to wash my head! Help!
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[02 Sep 2010|09:18pm]
i will likely post soon with a 5-month-natural update. but i have a question...

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[02 Sep 2010|09:51pm]
I know there's been many questions about how to wash dreads, and how to do dread hairstyles. But I didn't find anything on how to wear your dreads comfortably while bathing.

I tried a ponytail and it made my neck sore. It was also a pain trying to rest my head back on the wall. I also tried pigtails with no avail. Any suggestions on other ways to wear dreads for a long soak in the tub?

Thanks guys :)
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[02 Sep 2010|11:34pm]
I love my hair.
I love not brushing it.
I love the kinks and loops.
I love the flat dreads.
I love the round dreads.
I love the wispy ends.
I love the giant poofiness.
I love the looks the old ladies at the library give me.
I love when my daughters want to play with my hair and palmroll the back.
I love the lessons I am learning about myself and patience and control.

I can't believe I waited this long to do this, it is awesome.

(I do not love flakes, but I am learning to not hate them!)

Do you love your hair today?
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