September 4th, 2010

Sunset Yoga

I do believe it's time for an... AMBUSH!

I have been incredibly busy traveling around the New England area performing at various music festivals with my new family the puppet people from One World Puppetry (which you can and should find on facebook because they are freaking awesome) and I finally have a chance to sit down for a moment or twelve and make a ridiculously extensive LJ cut of photo exposivitisness for all of you wonderful dreaded folks out there! Warning: you could be stuck here for a while... =P Also...beware, there's probably going to be an awful lot of nudity involved, I just kind of exist that way more often than not. I feel clothing in the summertime is rather overrated. These photos were taken by my sweet and amazing muse, Che Arrajj over the past couple of months.

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Sunset Yoga

Sneak Attack!

I know I won't have a chance to post again for quite a while so I figured I might as well sneak in one of the best beach days I have had in years with you all...I promise I'll stop posting after this =P

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2 monthish mark

Hello you living lovers and loving lifers of GuDu. I hope you're having a fantastic summer (which is drawing to a close). The last week or so has just been filled with gorgeous photos of all you guys and gals with your fantastic hairs and lives, all gleaming polished stones in the prettiest hot spring of life. Clichés aside, I can always count on a GuDu post to lift my spirits, and I think we all do.

According to my cute li'l ticker, it's been 2 months and 5 days since I started my dreads ^_^. I have definitely been having doubts and worries, despite knowing I shouldn't (as far as the worrying goes). I took a hard look at my dreads in the mirror today and saw all the terrific (read: terrifying) dandruff flakes that are embedded in my roots, which are the only part of my hair which wants to knot up. Loose hairs are one thing, but I didn't expect my dreads to come completely undone, to the point that I probably could comb through my hair from about 1-2 inches away from the scalp all the way down. I realize this is an error on my part as far as backcombing goes, and am sorely tempted to rebackcomb but I won't -- A] I know it's wrong but, B] I can't find my comb :3 Seriously, I looked for it last night and couldn't find it, and figured it was a sign to quit trying to overdo it so soon. These babies are still young'uns, I know.

But it did spur me to look into the memories again for clearer info. For my weekly washing last Saturday I decided to use vinegar. I thought I remembered the ratio being 1:1 cup water and vinegar, and I'd seen both white and ACV used. I went for the white (my mom-in-law has both) and doused my head in the vin/h20 mix while showering. I didn't leave it on for more than a minute or two because I forgot that I intended to leave it for a longer time. And after rinsing it out I used my usual Suave shampoo (which isn't clarifying and I'm sure that's gonna be a problem; I'm looking into alternatives [thanks scar_wars!]). However, I've smelled like a pickle all week, and it's only faded slightly. I figure I didn't rinse well enough. More experience thrown in the pot.

The hubby needed a new battery for his truck so we went to Walmart with his dad. Before doing so I looked through the mems again and read up on the recipes for gentle deep cleaning, no-poo, and rinses, especially for dandruff. I bought some baking soda and aspirin and some time today I'll be attempting one of the many lovely options for better cleaning my hair. I also bought some trinkets to (some day) wrap/sew/tie in, and a tiny crochet hook (which I'm not planning on using soon, but the last time I looked Walmart didn't have that size so I wanted to get it while I could).


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Have a great weekend, all :)
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