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2 Months [06 Sep 2010|06:15am]

My dreads hit two months over the weekend. They're looking better all the time.Collapse )
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random shit/confetti in yer dreads =o [06 Sep 2010|10:15am]
I went to a party saturday, how do I get all this confetti out of my dreads? D: I'm afraid of pulling out hair because some of it's all embedded in the roots, and i can't get at the stuff on the back of my head either.

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Six month update! [06 Sep 2010|05:30pm]
Today is six months since my dreads were started by the lovely lishd. All my interesting/action photos are on other peoples' cameras, boo. But regardless, a tiny timeline:

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I love my hair more and more all the time. Life is made so much easier by not having to wash, style, straighten, and poof it out every single day. Plus it's finally got some volume to it. I couldn't be happier!

They're kept pulled back and in a bun while working, and last week one of the doctors was looking at me and goes, "Are those dreads? I never noticed! God they are so cool! And your bangs aren't dreaded? Oh my god. I love your hair! You're so cool!" Which was not a response I was really expecting from anyone, especially a doctor, but it made me feel great!

So that's it! Thanks for viewing. ILY GUDU <3
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PNBR [06 Sep 2010|05:35pm]
I haven't posted in forever. My dreads are about 9 months old now. Here is one photo a friend found of me from Philly's naked bike ride. What a day, hehe. More detailed update coming soon! Hope everyone is having a nice day!

The photo can be found here, the woman next to me is my big sis! :]
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[06 Sep 2010|05:59pm]
Hey GUDU, haven't seen you in a while, the internet's been wacky so I have to borrow wi-fi from places around town. Anyways, I have finally moved to St. Augustine! I transferred to Flagler College and I have a cool little house with an awesome room mate and the cutest dog ever, so I guess things are really looking up for me right now, especially the dreads :)

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[06 Sep 2010|06:22pm]
its been 2 weeks since i started my first four r&t dread babies.
i liked how they were turning out and after spending an afternoon with a friend who couldnt stop playing with them he told me i should do more so i added two more thicker ones, which turned out way nicer than the original ones, ie: no braided effect. i sorta wanted to brush out the ones from before to redo them since i had figured out a better method, but i figure i'll leave them for character. got to start somewhere, right?
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My job is sort of on hiatus and now i'm not sure if i am going to get it, which makes me entirely tempted to dread my entire head, especially with how much i love the new ones.
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