September 7th, 2010

Sunset Yoga

Sunsets And Hawthorn Trees <3

I spent the evening, a number of nights ago, dancing and such with my dreads and my muse <3 in summertime sunset splendor at this magnificent beach I have spent much amazing time at this summer! =D Here are some photos Che Arrajj took that evening...

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Sore Neck? Jobs?

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while. My life is changing coming up this December when I graduate the ol' university. I just bought a suit (yikes!) preparing for the job hunt in and around Detroit. Yeah, not the best place to look, but that is where my boyfriend lives and we're going to try to not live 150 miles apart anymore.

Onto the question: My dreads are so heavy that my neck hurts, especially when they are wet and especially when I wear them up. The elevation at the back of my skull pulls. My neck is usually sore by the end of the day and so I'm forced to pretty much always have them down. But even down they hurt my neck. What can I do?

Connected to the first paragraph, maybe I should just cut them and have a change for a while. I've been wanting to try brushable for a while and grow my hair enough to start a second set, maybe one full of fatties. I'm going into the creative field (publishing/writing/editing stuff) and I'm sure I can pull off the dreads once I get settled, especially in a city like Detroit with all its panorama of people.
There's nothing I dislike about my current set, though. And if I trim, I feel like that's neither having my cake OR eating it.

What have others done for neck pain or jobs?

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