September 9th, 2010


Just a thank you

Although I'm not too active in this community I always end up here when I am feeling down. I'm in my second year of college and I go to an all female school, and trust me, its rough. The things people say and do can really hurt. Lately I've been getting a lot of anonymous insults through the internet and such and although I am happy with myself and with my dreads the fact that people can be this mean and seem to have no human emotion left and be devastating. So I just wanted to thank all of you because although you may not know it every single person here is truly inspirational in his or her own way.

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Thank you GUDU!!!
Blue Haired Girl

Dreadies - Day 1

To start this timeline off, I think a little bit of a story is in need.
I've always known that I've wanted dreadlocks, but what I failed to realize is that you should definitely at least do some research first before you plunge right in. I let a chick do up my dreads, and when she did so she used the backcomb, palmroll, and then crochet method (& even some wax). She at a later point also flipped my roots. I was informed that I needed to maintain them on a daily basis, and blah blah blah; basically she fucked my shit up. The journey ended with me cutting the dreads off, only to discover (embarrassingly enough) mold and ants. >_>

After allowing my hair to grow out for a few months I've decided to try this again, but this time with the proper knowledge and know-how to start them and keep them maintained (which I now realize is barely ever in the beginning).

Kevin was awesome and went through all of the trouble of sectioning, backcombing, and palmrolling my hair. He created 49 lovely dreadies for me. One thing I didn't really consider until after we started was how short my dreads were going to be. My hair was about 5 -7 inches all around my head. My dreads are about 3 inches. I'm completely and totally in love with my new dread babies, especially because of who did them. The whole experience of making them almost seemed a bit spiritual, and there was definitely love being knotted into my hair. :D


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They're pretty amazing. :D
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Happy birthdaaaaay to my dreadies!

Hey there, gudu! I don't post much (in fact, I think I've only posted once before,) but my dreads are a year old now, so I thought maybe a post was in order.
I'm the one who kind of stumbled into dreads accidentally...I'm a recovering drug addict and when I detoxed I cared not one iota about brushing my hair because I felt so awful. Little dreadlings began to form after about three weeks of neglect, and once I was feeling up to it, I decided to separate and backcomb a little bit. It's been quite a year, and at times I've been frustrated with my hair because I had so many loops, but a lot of them have been absorbed and I'm learning to love my dreads. I celebrated a year clean on July 27, and my dreads turned a year shortly after that.

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You guys are awesome. Post more pictures of your beautiful selves!
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what was your latest dread milestone?

have you finally been able to put your locks in a ponytail?
are you finding yourself sitting on them?
are your dreads just starting to tighten down into real knots?

i've had two recent milestones, myself... which i'll present photographically!

my longest tips are definitely hitting my waistband:

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your turn! pics or text or both, everyone join in!