September 10th, 2010

Who are you dreaming of..

It's decently early, today is my day off from school and I'm quite bored so I thought I'd say hi to all you lovelies at GUDU! Life has been great, just living and going to school and all that. I was working on getting this job with a solar panel company, but it's door-to-door sales and I'm not really sure I want to do that, being very sensitive to the sun and all that. Not only that, but it seems very demanding and I'm already stressed enough about school. Why add on to that? There's plenty of other jobs out there and I just have to find them..

My dreadlocks are finally growing and getting some length. They look better and better as the time keeps rollin' along. And because of that, I feel more and more beautiful as they mature. I feel as if I'm maturing with them, turning into a great wine. Drink up! My dreads have also made me feel more comfortable to come out of my shell and try things I would have never before. My dreads seriously give me confidence to be myself. My very awkward, weird self. I love embracing it!
It's also nice being kenspeckle in a crowd, compared to being just another tiny little white blondie which I used to be. People would just glance over me. I used to be nothing. Now, I get so many stares sometimes I'm not sure if it's a good thing, but it's still fun. I've met some cool people and have had some awesome conversations about my hair. The waitress last night in this sushi restaurant looked as if she had never seen dreads before. She kept touching them, and giggling. I think she liked them.

Now here are some pictures, because who doesn't like looking at dreads?

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Much love ♥
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I checked the memories for this, but all i found was knitted patterns for tams and other hats.
I've exhausted google and bing searching for crochet tam patterns, so i thought maybe some of you might know where i could find some.


Mah 'too and mah 'doo

Hi Friends!
I finished a long-undone chest piece today. I dislike having unfinished business, especially with such a visible part of body, so it feels really good to have it done. I've always gotten the best results when I let my artist know what I like, what I don't, and then largely leave the rest up to them because's what they do with their lives and if I'm going to them, they are very good. The wonderful and soft-pawed Jason from Big Kahuna in Boca Raton, Fl came up with something better than what my brain had imagined for the last 4 years. To keep things dread related, I'm including a positively *horrid* mic test video of a mountain goats song (sorry kids, I can't really wear my dreads down over this tattoo until it starts to heal up, and this is all I got right now that shows my dreads at all :)

Hope you all are having glorious things happen to you.

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