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[14 Sep 2010|12:44pm]
How's it goin' GUDU?!
I've just passed my 2 year dreadiversary on the 5th. Haven't been much for posting lately, because I haven't taken many pictures... but, here's just a few.Collapse )
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[14 Sep 2010|03:06pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

it's been a million years since i've posted.

this summer has been superb! i went to many a festival and had a blast! unfortunately, i suck and forgot my camera EVERY TIME. i brought a disposable with me, but i haven't developed it yet. i know there's some good ones on there. so i'll post those when the time comes.

in the mean time. here's a couple :]

and if you're lookin' for a fight, well i've got no desire to frownCollapse )

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2 months 3 weeks [14 Sep 2010|03:21pm]
Hey everyone! I used to be rawhippie but I'm not using that journal anymore.

My dreaddies are almost 3 months old. Personally I think they're coming along great for being so young. They're kind of a mess but that's the way I like it. lol

Last time I posted on here everyone suggested not doing anything with them for a while (ie. crocheting and whatnot). So I haven't. I'm letting them do their own thing (just separating as needed). Sometimes I palmroll when stuck at a red light or watching TV. But for the most part they're growing their own way. :)

Here are some pics I just took. The back looks more messy in the pic than it usually does but you get the idea. There are A LOT of loops in them but one or two are practically perfect. Plus I dyed a few about 2 weeks ago. They were purple but look pink now. I need to dye them again. lol

2 picsCollapse )
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Just an update [14 Sep 2010|04:10pm]
It's test time again at the university so once again I find myself procrastinating with the help of GuDu :)
This is what the end of my summer looked like!
la-la-la-laCollapse )
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Eid Mubarak! [14 Sep 2010|11:26pm]
Hello fellow GUDUs! 

I haven't been posting a while but I would like to share with you a picture of my Eid ul-Fitr spent with the cousins that I grew up with.. Its the time of the year where the muslims fast for a whole month of Ramadhan and conclude the fasting on the first day of Shawwal.. Here in Singapore it means we pay respect to ones long gone.. and have an awesome gathering of aunties and uncles.. grandmas and grandpas.. cousins and siblings and everything awesome! It such a joyous occasion and much love to you guys!!

PS: We're all dressed in our traditional Malay Baju Kurung. =)

yeaa.. Eid Mubarak againn!Collapse )
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