September 15th, 2010

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Hello! My dreads are between nine and 10 months! I felt like today was a good day to post here. Lately things in my life have changed... a lot! I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and half, and though it's hard, I am learning to live without him. I started school again, I practice spinning hoops twice a week, I found a great place that teaches ballet on thursdays, I also walked 14.8 miles the other day! This weekend starts the haunted season and I can't wait! Every year I work at a haunted house, I love scaring people and just being a bloody mess... I'll post pictures of the season soon (I work with many dreadheads!)

Im a visual learner, so I enjoy a lot of pictures...meaning this post is picture heavy!
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Hello GUDU. It's been awhile. My dreads are just over 9 months old. Today I did my first deep clean! I've been washing with lush shampoo bars, squeaky green and seanik. This is my third set of dreads. The first I cut because of sectioning and starting with wax. (I found gudu about a week after starting that set) The second set was also sectioned weird, and I was washing with dr bronners which left a gross sticky residue. So I cut that set off and shaved my head. I let my hair grow out after that, about a year and a half later it was long enough to dread again. That is my current set and I'm very happy with it so far. On to pictures!

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Dreadbabies are maturing!

So I started my dreads back in June on my birthday (the 24th), and they are 84 days old today. That's twelve weeks tomorrow, but not three months until the 24th...math was never my strong suit. :)

Anyway, they're doing amazingly, and the ones at my nape are finally staying in after falling out four times from being too darn short to handle washing (i'm a pretty vigorous washer when i do wash them...dandruff...).

Speaking of dandruff, i'm dreading (ha! pun!) my usual winter white cap, but hopefully since i'm down to washing like every ten to fourteen days it won't be so bad? *crosses fingers*

Here's what they looked like when i started them and finished crocheting (note tired eyes and crochet hook in mouth...).

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