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[16 Sep 2010|12:08am]
Hi! My hair is doing really funny things :) in it's 5 month period...they are finally solidifying a bit! I just cut off a lot of my front loose hair with a Venus Razor because it was annoying me.

but I can't keep the nape of my head knotted! it comes out everytime I wash :(

macbooks are just too much fun.
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[16 Sep 2010|03:56pm]
three years old next month. sometimes i feel like i have way too much hair for my frame.

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9 months of chaos. [16 Sep 2010|06:34pm]
9 months has sure flown by.
I just added a new addition to my hair ornaments. And I have exciting life news.
But you'll have to go under the cut for all the juicy news...

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Hey anybody in NC, Asheville? [16 Sep 2010|11:12pm]
I'm only here in Asheville until Saturday, and really loved the funky town!  I've seen couple cool dreadheads here.  Wondering if any of you guys might be on here?  i will be in downtown tomorrow to take pictures and holla at me if you see me. I'll be wearing combat boots tomorrow or wearing  a camera around my neck.
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