September 17th, 2010

Sunset Yoga

Stormy Nighttime Boat Adventures

Che took me out to eat with a couple of his friends the other night, and after we finished the most amazing of meals at this great seafood restaurant, we all filed outside to find half the sky blackened with an approaching storm and the other half bright and golden with the setting sun. It was a gorgeous scene, and even though there was epic lightning off in the distance, we decided to brave the waters just the same. The trip was completely breathtaking, really! So many lights and the storm was raging with rain and lightning, so we blasted awesome music and danced on the back in the rain like wild creatures of the sea! =D Che's friend and our navigator, Genu, took us out to the mouth of the ocean, and the waves got pretty big and we were being tossed all around, but it was incredibly fun and exhilarating! On the way back, the storm subsided and the stars and moon began creeping out from behind the clouds and illuminating everything in the most beautiful nighttime glow. The clouds looked incredible and at one point I saw this awesome creepy looking face cut out of the clouds and filled with stars. SO beautifully breathtaking! As usual, photos are all taken by the amazing, talented Che Arrajj. <3

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