September 18th, 2010

Sunset Yoga

Complete Randomosity!

I'm having a lazy day of relaxing and with this free time, I've decided to show you MAH MOMMMA! She's one of the greatest people ever in existence...if not the greatest. =D And I love her absolutely to death! Also, I thought you all might like to see some old photos of what my hair looked like in different stages before dreads and some of my art. There are so many new photos I want to share with you all but they are in the from camera to computer transition phase right now and since it's not my camera I have no control over how long that phase takes. =P Hopefully, soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Meet my amazing MOMMA!!!

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rounded ends with loose hair

 correct me if it's in the memories!

i tried rounding my tips with a crochet hook. for the most part my ends are rounded, but there are some loose hair that still hang down a bit. but my ends are so tightly locked i can barely fit my crochet hook in them to try to round them out more. would snipping off the few loose hairs at the ends do any damage? or will they eventually get sucked up? i'm just worried because like i said, they're all so tight already.

ooh and hempfest pictures to be posted shortly!


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