September 19th, 2010

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Extensions giving me a rash?

So, I've had extensions done for some time. I mainly have to wear them back in a pony tail or they give me a mean rash on my neck. (being down/pigtails/etc) They are also so course they can rub though my shirt and irritate my upper back..

Question is this: Is there a way to get the extensions to be more soft/not as course like my real hair is? I've had them in for 3-6 months. They are pretty locked up. I've tried washing with different soaps, and lots of playing/bending them. (they are really stiff compared to my real hair, as well. but that's not so much the issue for me)

I bought the spendy human hair from Sally's to make the dreads with. I know they treat hair to make it the color and texture (straight or curly), So that's probably the reason the hair is soooo rough. I would love to have soft hair again. but I'm starting to think that wont happen until my real-haired-dreads grow out long enough to cut off the extensions.

Has anyone else with extensions encountered this issue? Or find a way to fix it?

Thanks guys. Sorry for any spelling errors. I'm on my way out the door to work and I just woke up. z.z
dirty feet

6 months!

So my dreadies finally hit the half year mark on thursday! I unintentionally celebrated it by either sneaking into hotel pools or going to the beach everyday this past week. And I just got back yesterday from an overnight camping trip to Ginnie Springs.

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yarn hairz

after coming back from hempfest (which you can see from sbegonias91 last post), i decided to add some hemp yarn to my hair. and this morning, while chillaxing down by my college's lake, i decided to use the super lighten to grab some siq nasty pics.

they're about 56 days old or so, recently dyed some black, and behaving like the good babies they are.

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