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Finally De-Lurking [20 Sep 2010|04:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey, I'm Tanith *waves*

I've been lurking around here for awhile, like a troll underneath a bridge! Everyone here has awesome dreads, it's rather jealousy inducing at times.

My dreads turned 4 months last Friday, I'm incredibly happy with them. The original backcombing/twist and ripping never fell out, only a little at the ends. So, right now I don't have any epic loopiness or shrinkage going on, only loops at the roots where the new growth has been steadily dreading itself. I was expecting a whole lot more craziness, maybe that is still to come! Who knows?

So my first post isn't just me rambling, I have some pictures. My best friend, Chris, took band photos for us guys today. (We're called Nyogtha, we're a two piece Drone Doom band) They're very awesome pictures, so I will show you! Along with some minor silliness.

Doom claws and invisible orangesCollapse )

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the hairsnakes [20 Sep 2010|06:47pm]
...most go past my bum at this point. they get into everything. they get stuck on stuff. they're really thick and heavy. they can't share the driver's seat of my car with the rest of my body. they are coarse and have a wool-like texture. they make fabric on the back of my shirts and sweaters pill from friction. they're too heavy to twist around my head. they are often a PITA.

...still, I can't bear to cut them shorter.
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Questionable Content Dreadlocks [20 Sep 2010|10:09pm]
Dread content in today's Questionable Content!  (see what I did there?)


And what my hair was up to a couple weeks ago (different  color now).  This is just after blow drying it.

Happy Monday night, Mountain time!
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