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1 month-ish dread update! [21 Sep 2010|11:44am]
My dreads are about a month old and I colored them so I thought I'd post! :) Also, my new band, Dead to a Dying World, just finished recording our album. Check out some of our songs on our myspace: http://www.myspace.com/deadtoadyingworld

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i can pull most of my dreads into a ponytail now! [21 Sep 2010|07:05pm]

happiness :3
they are around 9 months now.
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Antibacterial Dreads. [21 Sep 2010|09:42pm]
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Hello Guduians!
This may sounds a little silly, and yes I checked the memories. :)
I have MRSA. I just got my 6th boil this year on my left thigh.
The doctor has given me hibicleans to use on my body. Is this okay to use in my hair?
I need to use something antibacterial on my entire body twice a day. I'm worried about my dreads. I don't think they are the cause of the MRSA, but I'm not quite sure. To be completely honest, I'm not ready to give them up either.

So I guess my question is:
What can I use on my hair twice a day that will not harm it? It has to be antibacterial. I do use a lot of tea tree oils on my clothes, body and in the shower. It has been shown to kick MRSA's ass.

I don't know what to do. This infection is bringing me down. I have become such a germ-a-phobe. Even with all my anti germ practices I am still getting these stupid, painful boils.
I'm going to see a specialist soon. This gives me hope.
Sorry for the half rant/ have question post.
Thanks for your help.


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