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[23 Sep 2010|03:56am]
Today i went to the park with psychedelicmeow @ LJ, and we sung
whole day along with nice 80's songs <3

And dread update: i've got 2 snake bones in my hair now :) <3

My day in the park <3Collapse )
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? [23 Sep 2010|01:30pm]
Should I condition first then deep clean... or deep clean and then conditioner?  My hair is completely dead from overbleaching and starting to break off in little pieces at the ends.  I am worried that deepcleaning first will wreck them even more, but if I condition first, I am worried that the deep cleaning will reverse the effects and i'll have spent money on conditioner for nothing.  And yes, I have checked the memories... does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap, widely available protein conditioner?  Not something I'm going to have to order online.
and so it isn't just text;

I am in the process of putting in extensions.  The fuller, darker dreads at the bottom are extended.  At the six month point they had shrunk way too short for my liking.  However that is a whole nother story, which I will save when I make a huge post that I haven't had time to make.  Makeup school has left me incredibly busy.

much love, GUDU! =]
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